• We have added support for ACH transactions and auto-pay ACH transactions for our customers using First American Payment Systems.  Please contact First American to ensure you are signed up for processing ACH transactions if you wish to use this feature.  

  • We have added support for auto-pay ACH transactions for our customers using OpenEdge.  Please contact OpenEdge to ensure you are signed up for processing ACH transactions if you wish to use this feature.  

  • Within the Move-In and Payment screen we automatically populate the customer name and primary address within the credit card screen.

  • We have added the ability to attach images to merchandise items within the Configuration Manager that are displayed with Storage Commander.

  • We now automatically create a comment when a text message is sent to a customer.  The original text message is also saved within the comment. 

  • We have added the ability to sort the auction list by auction date, unit or customer name.

  • Within the customers/units tab the current rate for the customer is displayed, not the default rate.

  • The search function within the customers/units tab no longer searches phone numbers. If you wish to search for a phone number you can use the Advanced Search screen.

  • Within the Configuration Manager Group Management section we have included the categories for the Program Features and Features in Group when assigning permissions to a user group. 

  • During a Move-Out where the balance is transferred to another unit we have corrected the unit sort order to make it easier to locate unit. 

  • We have added customer alerts to the move-out screen within this update.

  • The contact list is now resorted after making changes to contact information.

  • We have enhanced the Generate Documents screen to allow for large number of documents to be created at the same time.  

  • We have corrected an issue with the insert date/time within the Work Orders screen.

  • We have resized the credit card fields within the payment screen.

  • Multi-Unit payment enhancements when selecting the payment through the legend bar.

Don't Forget: Tenant Text Message Notifications

     Storage Commander users can now access the most powerful text messaging service available to provide their tenants with custom-built notifications.  For information on how to setup this amazing new tool, please download our Text Messaging Setup Guide and continue with your update!

! Note: Please shut down Storage Commander before installing any updates.

Storage Commander Change Log (Please read before installing update)

Storage Commander Cloud-based Client Update

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